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.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") Analyzers

This repository contains a number of Roslyn diagnostic analyzers initially developed to help flesh out the design and implementation of the static analysis APIs. They have been migrated from the main dotnet/roslyn repository in order to continue and speed their further development.

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Latest stable version: 1.1.0

Analyzers for APIs specific to the desktop .NET Framework.

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Provides analyzers which implement the .NET design guidelines for API authors.

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Latest stable version: 1.1.0

Provides guidelines for using .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") APIs.

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Contains analyzers specific to the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") project.

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Provides guidelines for using APIs in the System.Collections.Immutable contract.

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Latest stable version: 1.1.0

Provides guidelines for using APIs in the System.Runtime contract.

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Latest stable version: 1.1.0

Provides guidelines for using APIs in the System.Runtime.InteropServices contract.

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Latest stable version: 1.1.0

Provides guidelines for using APIs in the System.Cryptography.Hashing.Algorithms contract.

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Created by summer 2015 interns Zoë Petard, Jessica Petty, and Daniel King

The MetaCompilation Analyzer is an analyzer that functions as a tutorial to teach users how to write an analyzer. It uses diagnostics and code fixes to guide the user through the various steps required to create a simple analyzer. It is designed for a novice analyzer programmer with some previous programming experience.

For instructions on using this tutorial, see Instructions.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install NuGet packages: powershell -executionpolicy bypass src\.nuget\NuGetRestore.ps1
  3. Build: msbuild src\Analyzers.sln

NOTE The current build of System.Reflection.Metadata (from NuGet package System.Reflection.Metadata.1.2.0-rc2-23629) is unsigned. This causes unit tests to fail. To work around this problem until a new, signed version is available, give the command

sn -Vr System.Reflection.Metadata,B03F5F7F11D50A3A

which will cause the CLR to skip strong name verification for that assembly.

When a properly signed version of this assembly becomes available, reenable strong name verification with the command

sn -Vu System.Reflection.Metadata,B03F5F7F11D50A3A

Submitting Pull Requests

Prior to submitting a pull request, ensure the build and all tests pass using BuildAndTest.proj:

msbuild BuildAndTest.proj

Versioning Scheme for Analyzer Packages

See for the versioning scheme for all analyzer packages built out of this repo.