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Post-release activities

Please follow the below steps after publishing analyzer NuGet packages from this repo onto

  1. Create a new release OR Update an existing draft release:
    1. Draft: Either click here to draft a new release OR update an existing draft release. For reference, you can look at any of the existing releases, say v2.9.3.
    2. Release notes: Follow the steps in the Steps to generate Release Notes below to generate Release notes and copy the generated notes to the description section of the new release.
    3. Publish: Mark the release as a pre-release if appropriate and click "Publish Release".
  2. Repo changes:
    1. Checkout a new branch from latest sources of release branch.
    2. Update Add a new row in the released version table.
    3. Update .github\ Update the package version in the example section to the latest released package version.
    4. Update the latest recommended analyzer package at
    5. Update eng\Versions.props:
      1. Bump up the VersionPrefix. If the new version prefix is greater then or equals the current AnalyzerUtilitiesVersionPrefix, then update AnalyzerUtilitiesVersionPrefix to $(VersionPrefix).
      2. Reset PreReleaseVersionLabel to beta1.
      3. Update MicrosoftCodeAnalysisFXCopAnalyersVersion to the latest released package version.
    6. Build the repo by invoking eng\common\CIBuild.cmd and fix/suppress any new CA diagnostics, as appropriate. This should also update the analyzer documentation files in the repo to use the new version prefix.
    7. Create and submit a PR with the above changes.

Steps to generate Release Notes

  1. Checkout the sources for the release branch locally. This would normally be the master branch.
  2. Build.
  3. Ensure that nuget.exe is on path.
  4. Generate notes: Switch to the output directory, say artifacts\bin\ReleaseNotesUtil\Debug\netcoreapp2.0 and execute GenDiffNotes.cmd to generate release notes. Example command line for v2.9.4 to v2.9.5: GenDiffNotes.cmd C:\scratch 2.9.4 2.9.5.
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