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Language Feature Status

This document reflects the status, and planned work, for the compiler team. It is a live document and will be updated as work progresses, features are added / removed, and as work on feature progresses.

C# 7.0 and VB 15

Feature Branch State Owners LDM Champ
Binary Literals master Finishing gafter
Digit Separators master Finishing gafter
Local Functions master Finishing agocke, jaredpar, vsadov gafter
Type switch master Finishing gafter, alekseyts, agocke gafter
Ref Returns master Finishing vsadov, agocke, jaredpar vsadov
Tuples master Finishing vsadov, jcouv madstorgersen
Out var master Finishing alekseyts gafter
ValueTask master Finishing alekseyts lucian
Throw Expr master Finishing gafter, agocke, tyoverby gafter
Expression-Bodied Everything master Finishing MgSam, gafter madstorgersen

(C# 7.0 and VB 15) + 1

Feature Branch State Owners LDM Champ
Address of Static none Feature Specification jaredpar
Async Main none Feature Specification tyoverby, agocke stephentoub
Source Generation master Prototyping cston, vsadov, agocke mattwar
private protected features/privateProtected Ready to integrate gafter
Non-null Ref Types features/NullableReferenceTypes Prototyping alekseyts mattwar
Bestest Betterness none Feature Specification gafter
Records features/records Feature Specification jcouv gafter
With Exprs features/records Feature Specification gafter gafter
Pattern Matching features/patterns Prototyping gafter, alekseyts, agocke gafter


  • Is target version a guarantee?: No. It's explicitly not a guarantee. This is just the planned and ongoing work to the best of our knowledge at this time.
  • Where are these State values defined?: Take a look at the Developing a Language Feature document.

Updated 2016-08-29