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[Work items] Nullable reference types #22152

cston opened this issue Sep 15, 2017 · 3 comments


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commented Sep 15, 2017

Preview 2:

  • Intellisense (@333fred)
    • Public API
    • Display inferred nullability of variables, fields, properties, type arguments
    • Should we display some hint about oblivious vs. non-null?
  • Nullable Specification (Mads)
  • #nullable
    • binding (no more scoped context) #31607
    • #pragma warning nullable (enable|disable|restore) PR #31806
    • Code fixer
  • Tuples #29970
  • More attributes e.g.: [MaybeNull]
    • Finalize BCL types
  • ! suppress conversion warnings #30376
  • e switch { … }, switch (e) { … } #23944
  • Avoid inferring unspeakable type arguments (PR #31813)
  • Dogfood
    • WPFRunner
    • CodeAnalysis
  • Nullable value types #29817, PR #31499
  • [Nullable] metadata encoding (PR #31212)
    • Sync with F# on format
  • Analyze yield return #23701


  • Annotations #29821
    • File format, MSBuild and loading logic
    • Some IDE support
  • Intellisense
    • Display member annotations #26830
    • Display member annotations from metadata even when feature disabled
  • Codegen for null-check on parameter!
  • Lambdas: track nullability of captured variables #29617
  • Local functions: track nullability of captured variables #27233
  • Other annotations
    • Other attributes (NullEquals, NullInNullOut, NotNulled) #26761
  • [Nullable]
  • Add attribute types to Core 3
  • Port attribute types to mono
  • Coordinate integration with Razor
  • NullableAttribute: Store flags into a field #30143
  • Codefixer to add #nullable enable and NullableReferenceTypes #30099
  • Other annotations
    • Nullable property with non-nullable setter #26621
  • TypeSymbolWithAnnotations
    • Revert properties (MethodSymbol.ReturnType, etc.) to TypeSymbol and add TypeSymbolWithAnnotations properties
    • Review use of TypeMap.AsTypeSymbol and TypeMap.AsTypeSymbolWithAnnotations for cases where nullability is dropped (@jcouv)
  • SymbolDisplay
    • Include ?
    • Include ! and ~ #28242
  • Conversions
    • Allow variance of out parameter: void M(out string x) invoked with M(out string? x);
    • Infer nullability in out var #25347
    • Infer nullability in deconstruction #29618
    • Which conversions remain?
  • Flow analysis
    • De-reference should update null state #26749
    • case patterns (case null:, case string:, case string s:) #23944
    • x in var x = obliviousListOfString; should be List<string!>!
    • Anonymous types #24018
    • Query clauses and range variables #29863
    • foreach (var x in maybeNull) { } #23493
    • No warnings in unreachable code #28798
  • Fields and properties
    • Report uninitialized warnings for static fields and properties #27014
    • Track nullability of fields and properties
    • Report warning for null initializer #26628
    • Report warning before assignment #27016
    • No warnings for constructor that throws exception #25529
  • Use VisitType to implement ContainsNullableReferenceTypes. See TestDeepTypeAccessibilityBug18018 test.
  • ! operator
    • Warning for unnecessary !? #25372
    • Error for !!. See StaticNullChecking.SuppressNullableWarning_Multiple #29902
    • Error for a! = b;. See StaticNullChecking.SuppressNullableWarning_Assignment and #28377
    • ERR_NotNullableOperatorNotReferenceType should be a warning not an error
  • Method type inference
    • MergeDynamic and MergeTupleNames ignore nullability
    • InferExtensionMethodTypeArguments ignores nullability
    • MethodGroupReturnTypeInference ignores nullability
  • Flow analysis
    • Intersection with other C# 8.0 features (switch expression, null-coalescing assignment, ...)
      • ??=
      • recursive patterns
  • Dogfood
    • Update public API of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.dll and Microsoft.CSharp.CodeAnalysis.dll
    • Update tool for tracking public APIs
  • EE
    • Include ? annotations in Type for Locals and Watch

Productivity Migrated to project

  • QuickInfo

  • Authoring experience for external annotations

  • Can we make it easier to see what context we're in?

  • null assignment suggests declaring as nullable #26630

  • null test suggests declaring as nullable #26661

  • Fix interface implementation or override #26833

  • Grey out unnecessary ! #26736

  • Grey out unnecessary ?

  • Using ? or ! suggests turning feature on (issue #30099)

  • help move #nullable up/down the scopes

  • classify #nullable (PR #31579)

  • Indent #nullable to the margin

  • Marshalling options in OOP process (PR #32726)

  • Performance

    • Measure performance compiling Roslyn
  • IDE: Metadata view

Work related to project-system:

  • project-system API for CPS dotnet/project-system#4277
  • project-system API for csproj/legacy
  • add drop-down in UI
  • SDK work to set default value
  • Code fixer to set NullableReferenceTypes project property (setting Project.Configuration.Properties["NullableReferenceTypes"] and declaring that "NullableReferenceTypes" BooleanProperty)

Preview 1:

  • Fix installer #29987
  • Merge back to a preview branch
    • Remove/replace PROTOTYPE markers
    • IDE test pass
  • [NonNullTypes]
    • Disable warnings with [NonNullTypes(Warnings=false)] #29616 (no longer applicable)
    • Fix/verify [NonNullTypes] in PE symbols (no longer applicable)
    • Injecting NonNullTypesAttribute #29180
    • Use explicit NonNullTypes context in every TSWA #28766
    • Warning for ! if no attribute (needs a new solution)
    • Enable warnings with [NonNullTypes]
    • Warning for ? if no attribute or if [NonNullTypes(false)]
    • Remove syntax-based cycle breaking (modules, types, members)
    • Enable feature with [NonNullTypes] or [NonNullTypes(value)] (
  • Method type inference
    • Incorrect nullability arguments include ~ #27961
  • Flow analysis
    • (object)x != null #27928
    • L-values #27522
    • t.ToString(); for unconstrained T
    • tuples #28951
    • ?. #25870
    • s is string #26745
    • is patterns
      • x is C y
      • x is K where K is a constant other than null
  • Type parameters
    • Substitution with ~ and ? or ! (oblivious doesn't survive, LDM 7-11)
    • Support object constraint; use object? for unconstrained #29809
    • Check constraints #27742
    • Error for T? unless T is constrained to a reference type or a value type #28804
    • Support class? constraint
  • Switch old tests to C# 8 (update default test options)
  • Track nullability of unconstrained type parameters #28956
  • Performance
    • Close allocation gap with null unaware C#
  • Merge 15.8 branch
  • Compiler command-line switch #30479 and MSBuild setting

@jcouv jcouv added this to the 15.later milestone Sep 21, 2017


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commented Oct 5, 2017

Championed issue: dotnet/csharplang#36

Notes on project property:

  • Instructions to test project-system and roslyn together:

  • project.ConfigurationManager.ConfigurationRow(configurationName).Item(1).Properties["NullableReferenceTypes"]

  • Revisit rules for un-initialized fields? (see thread with Oren)

  • should we check implementations of methods that use [NotNullWhenTrue]?

  • Test #nullable within #ifdef directive

  • Test with Pair or tuple: F((maybeNull, oblivious), (maybeNull, nonNull), (maybeNull, maybeNull))

  • Oblivious means "assume the best"

  • What are the scoping rules of #nullable in using aliases?

  • How does the public API work for nullable value types?

  • scripting

  • Document breaking change: if you were defining a NonNullTypes attribute, then the compiler will now reject it.

  • External annotations and determinism

  • LDM: should we warn when assigning to oblivious? MOblivious(null);

  • LDM: var x = oblivious; we probably need to keep x as oblivious here. Or do we assume ??

  • LDM: what do we emit for string? in C# 7 (new compiler)? I assume the compiler should produce an error.

  • Verify older compilers consuming newer library that uses the new constraints

  • LDM: is T? where T : class? allowed or meaningful? (error CS8627)

  • block T? if T is unconstrained

  • verify behavior with LangVersion 7.3 or no [module: NonNullTypes].

Dogfood experience:

  • I want to review all the public APIs. How do I do that?
    • PublicAPI analyzer/fixer should be updated with nullability.
  • Problem with linked source files (CS0453)
  • Need a way to dump all the APIs which an assembly depends on (so you can think about annotating them)
  • FixOnce for less trivial cases (PR #26661)
    • local == null and local != null should offer me to fix the declaration of local
  • Highlight oblivious methods and offer dialog to annotate, or write a tool to annotate BCL.
  • Need to clarify guidelines: my current assumption is that if a null parameter guarantees to throw, then the parameter should be marked as non-nullable.
  • Confirm behavior for [EnsuresTrues] on a conditional method like Debug.Assert
  • I think we need URTANN
  • CodeAnalysis warnings did not contain that many W warnings (gist)
  • FixAll for trivial cases (PR #26630)
    • return null
    • parameter with default value null
    • local declared with null
  • It's useful to have different annotation for getter and for setter. Maybe always set non-null. But before the first set, get could return null. (#26621)
  • External attribute annotation for IsNullOrEmpty and Debug.Assert (PR #26656)

Some various notes from LDM discussions and others:

  • Compiler or analyzer warning on using ? in a scope where [NonNullTypes(false)] (warning CS8632)

  • [module: NonNullTypes] is confusing (most developers aren't aware of module: target.

  • Is !! ok? (answer: yes)

  • Confirm whether we want to allow out x! (currently allowed) or x! = y (currently disallowed).

  • How do you version APIs that have nullability or flow annotations?

  • Analyzer for bad usage of attributes, or to recommend using them?

  • Nullability in Razor pages

  • Once the feature can be turned on/off independently of LangVersion (issue #26692), we should ensure UpgradeProject experience is still good.

  • Can we bootstrap the BCL annotations using existing CodeContracts?

  • Should we warn if you use the annotations, but the flag is off? Maybe grey them out? (dotnet/csharplang#36 (comment))

  • How do we track nullable structs? S? s = .... Does checking .HasValue affect flow analysis?

  • Does ! produce a result that is oblivious or non-null? (! stickiness) (answer: non-null)

  • Should referencing an un-annotated library produce a warning? (answer: no longer applicable)

  • Should MakeArray(new C()) produce a result that is Array<C> or Array<C?>? How do we know that that method doesn't add nulls? On the other hand, how does a method indicate that it returns a non-nullable when the type argument is non-nullable? (maybe we need a constraint: Array<T2> MakeArray(T element) where ...)

  • Update templates (so new projects have the feature turned on by default)

  • What should IDE show at various points in the method? Does having the feature on or off affect what is shown?

  • Could users annotate some methods to reset flow analysis? (for example, p.ChangeMiddleNameToNull())

  • Are we going to apply similar flow analysis and warnings to nullable value types?

  • How are we going to add annotations to BCL, and older frameworks in particular?

  • Lambda with multiple returns, one is a non-null object and the other is nullable local which flow analysis knows isn't null. What is the return type? Same question for other "best type" scenarios (ternary, method type inference).

  • Should nullability be exposed in APIs (IOperation) or UI?

  • Should there be a warning on useless !? (maybe grey it out too?)

  • Should test that nullable annotations from a metadata reference are always displayed in QuickInfo (even in a C# 7 project).

  • Probably this already works, but we should check the intersection between nullability and patterns/switch features: case int? x: // error already, case string? y: // should also be error, case string z: // should be non-null, incomplete switch expression that doesn't handle null should warn (even if input is considered non-null?).

  • string.IsNullOrEmpty should inform flow analysis

    • We'll probably want to annotate some key APIs (like TryGetValue)
    • I assume we'll need some attribute to annotate such APIs. Could the compiler generate the attribute, or an analyzer suggest it, by inspecting the body of the method?
  • TryGetValue should inform flow analysis

  • string? x = null; x = nonNull; var y = new [] { x }; What is the type of y?

  • string? x = null; x = nonNull; var y = MakeArray(x, 10); What is the type of y?

  • Should we warn if conditionally accessing a value that is known to be non-null? I suspect we don't. (#22743)

  • x is null should inform flow analysis (#26745)

  • From a customer:

class MyClass
    private string m_IdAsString; // warning CS8618: Non-nullable field 'm_IdAsString' is uninitialized.
    public Guid Id
        get { return new Guid( m_IdAsString ); }
        set { m_IdAsString = value.ToString(); }
    public MyClass()
        Id = Guid.Empty;
  • Variance with out variables
    static void F(out string x) => throw new Exception();
    static void G(out IEnumerable<string> y) => throw new Exception();

    F(out string? x);              // warning?
    G(out IEnumerable<string?> y); // warning?
  • Inferred null state from !
    static void F<T>(T x, out T y) => throw new Exception();

    string? x = null;
    string y;
    F(x, out y);  // warning
    F(x!, out y); // warning?
    static void F(object? x)
        object y;
        y = x;        // warning: `x` may be null
        y.ToString(); // warning?
        y = x!;       // no warning
        y.ToString(); // warning?
  • Warnings for unnecessary !
    static void F(object? x)
        if (x == null) return;
        x!.ToString(); // warning: unnecessary `!`?
        // maybe the IDE offers to remove uncessary ! operators?
  • How to tell the nullable walker about flow of various methods (in most general sense, could be represented by a code snippet):

    • ThrowIfNull
    • IsNullOrEmpty
    • Debug.Assert(x 1= null)
    • FirstOrDefault
  • Tracking null state of non-nullable locals

  • Constraining T to object or class

  • VSIX feed:


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commented Oct 14, 2017

string.IsNullOrEmpty should inform flow analysis

Nit: Should probably add .IsNullOrWhitespace while you're at it.

@jaredpar jaredpar modified the milestones: 15.6, 16.0 Jan 5, 2018

@jcouv jcouv moved this from Misc to Nullable in Compiler: Julien's umbrellas Apr 6, 2018

@jaredpar jaredpar added the Bug label Sep 5, 2018

@arekbal arekbal referenced this issue Oct 19, 2018


Champion "Null-coalescing assignments" #34

2 of 5 tasks complete

@jcouv jcouv moved this from Nullable to Active/Investigating in Compiler: Julien's umbrellas Dec 21, 2018

@jaredpar jaredpar added this to Needs Review in Nullable Board Jan 28, 2019

@jcouv jcouv moved this from Active/Investigating to Nullable in Compiler: Julien's umbrellas Mar 28, 2019

@jaredpar jaredpar added Discussion and removed Bug labels Apr 9, 2019


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commented May 11, 2019

I looked at the remaining issues. Extracted one or two as discrete issues.
I think we can now close this umbrella issue because we now use the Nullable Board.

@jcouv jcouv closed this May 11, 2019

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