Updated Jul 19, 2018

No description

IDE: Design review

Updated Sep 21, 2018

No description

Small Fixes

Updated Sep 20, 2018

Items expected to take a developer already experienced in the repository four hours or less to complete, and likely do not require a design review to reach completion.

Editor Completion

Updated Sep 21, 2018

Work related to our switch to the new Editor Completion APIs


Updated Jun 27, 2018

Items I need to be working on.

IDE: CommunityPR

Updated Sep 24, 2018

No description

IDE: InternalPriority

Updated Sep 23, 2018

No description

Compiler: Dynamic support

Updated Feb 13, 2018

No description

Compiler: Server work

Updated Jan 4, 2018

Tracking open issues in the compiler server

Visual Studio for Mac

Updated Aug 15, 2018

Set of work items for making Roslyn easier to consume for Visual Studio for Mac.

HeeJae work items

Updated Oct 31, 2017

work items I want to do.

Compilers: 333fred

Updated Sep 19, 2018

Board for @333fred to track work.

Compiler: Needs LDM attention

Updated Sep 18, 2018

Issues and PRs which should be brought up in LDM (in particular those that are not yet championed)

IDE: sharwell

Updated Sep 14, 2018

Special work items being tracked for various reasons by @sharwell.

A backlog of non-language projects for the compiler.

Roslyn Performance

Updated Aug 31, 2017

Performance infrastructure improvements and new tests

Compiler: Julien's umbrellas

Updated Sep 24, 2018

No description

IDE: Cross language support

Updated Jun 12, 2017

No description

Project to track all the work of consuming .editorconfig files during compilation and making them available to control analyzers.

Compiler: Gafter

Updated Sep 11, 2018

Things @gafter is working on.

.NET Core Testing & SDK

Updated Sep 18, 2018

Project tracking all the work Roslyn needs to do in response to the new SDK and CoreCLR ship vehicle.

Tracks things related to supporting contributors that don't call under a more specific Build/Test bucket.

Improvements to the Roslyn core build. Includes things like improving build reliability, cleaning up dependencies, or increasing build enforcement.

Compiler: Pattern-Matching

Updated Sep 13, 2018

Adding pattern-matching constructs to C#

Compiler: Determinism

Updated Feb 12, 2018

Making the compilers produce the same output when processing the same input

Compiler: Warning Waves

Updated Dec 26, 2017

New diagnostics that we would normally consider to be breaking changes, but that we would consider supporting under a warning wave.

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