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Before attempting any of these walkthroughs, please ensure the proper version of Visual Studio is installed as described on the Building Testing and Debugging and there is a copy of the git repo on your local machine.

Install and build Roslyn

  1. Checkout the branch that matches the downloaded preview E.g: Git checkout releases/Dev14CTP5
  2. Start VS, Load the Roslyn Solution
  3. Set the Tools\OpenSourceDebug project to the default project
  4. Use the menu to build the solution

Build and Debug Roslyn with Visual Studio

  1. Press F5 to start debugging
  2. The solution will build and start a new instance of Visual Studio
  3. In the new instance of VS create a new C# or VB project
  4. In the VS with the Roslyn solution open, add a breakpoint to the file: Workspaces\workspace\workspace.cs at line 142
  5. Add an interface to the project created earlier and see the breakpoint hit.

Build Project with OSS compilers within Visual Studio

  1. Press F5 to start a new instance of VS
  2. Create a new C# or VB project
  3. Use Tools/Options/Projects and Solutions/Build and Run to set the 'Build Project Verbosity' to 'Normal' so that we can ensure the correct compiler was used
  4. Build the solution you built above.
  5. Look in the build 0utput window and observe the compiler used is similar to: %USERPROFILE%\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\VISUALSTUDIO\14.0ROSLYN\EXTENSIONS\MSOPENTECH\OPENSOURCEDEBUG\1.0\csc.exe

Build with OSS Roslyn compilers using MSBUILD

  1. In a Visual Studio Command Shell, type the following command:
  2. MSBUILD ConsoleApplication01.csproj /t:Rebuild /p:RoslynHive=VisualStudio\14.0Roslyn
  3. In the build output from this command observe a compiler command line similar to: %USERPROFILE%\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\VISUALSTUDIO\14.0ROSLYN\EXTENSIONS\MSOPENTECH\OPENSOURCEDEBUG\1.0\csc.exe