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[wasm][debugger] CI was broken for wasm debugger tests (#99824)
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* fix test failing
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thaystg committed Mar 18, 2024
1 parent 78fa5b8 commit 8448925
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
Expand Up @@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ public async Task CreateGoodBreakpointAndHit()
foreach (var frame in pause_location["callFrames"])
Assert.Equal(false, frame["url"].Value<string>().Contains(".wasm"));
Assert.Equal(false, frame["url"].Value<string>().EndsWith(".wasm", StringComparison.Ordinal));
Assert.Equal(false, frame["url"].Value<string>().Contains("wasm://"));
return Task.CompletedTask;
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