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[automated] Merge branch 'release/3.1.2xx' => 'master' #3989



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dotnet-maestro-bot commented Dec 2, 2019

I detected changes in the release/3.1.2xx branch which have not been merged yet to master. I'm a robot and am configured to help you automatically keep master up to date, so I've opened this PR.

This PR merges commits made on release/3.1.2xx by the following committers:

  • dotnet-maestro[bot]
  • wli3
  • wtgodbe
  • nguerrera
  • dsplaisted
  • livarcocc
  • vitek-karas
  • tmeschter
  • v-zbsail

Instructions for merging from UI

This PR will not be auto-merged. When pull request checks pass, complete this PR by creating a merge commit, not a squash or rebase commit.

merge button instructions

If this repo does not allow creating merge commits from the GitHub UI, use command line instructions.

Instructions for merging via command line

Run these commands to merge this pull request from the command line.

git fetch
git checkout release/3.1.2xx
git pull --ff-only
git checkout master
git pull --ff-only
git merge --no-ff release/3.1.2xx

# If there are merge conflicts, resolve them and then run git merge --continue to complete the merge
# Pushing the changes to the PR branch will re-trigger PR validation.
git push HEAD:merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master
or if you are using SSH
git push HEAD:merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master

After PR checks are complete push the branch

git push

Instructions for resolving conflicts

⚠️ If there are merge conflicts, you will need to resolve them manually before merging. You can do this using GitHub or using the command line.

Instructions for updating this pull request

Contributors to this repo have permission update this pull request by pushing to the branch 'merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master'. This can be done to resolve conflicts or make other changes to this pull request before it is merged.

git checkout -b merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master master
git pull merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master
(make changes)
git commit -m "Updated PR with my changes"
git push HEAD:merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master
or if you are using SSH
git checkout -b merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master master
git pull merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master
(make changes)
git commit -m "Updated PR with my changes"
git push HEAD:merge/release/3.1.2xx-to-master

Contact .NET Core Engineering if you have questions or issues.
Also, if this PR was generated incorrectly, help us fix it. See

dsplaisted and others added 30 commits Oct 30, 2019
Fix a placeholder in a translated string so it is no longer missing the closing '}'.
…0191101.4 (#3849)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19551.4
…0191103.2 (#3855)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19553.2
…till forces the GenerateRuntimeConfigurationFiles target to run (can be done by setting the same property explicitely to true), there will be no PlatformLibrary available, but the project will otherwise look just like self-contained app (other than the TFM).

Before #3697 the frameworks processing would simply be skipped due to the project not being framework dependent. After that change we still try to process frameworks. The fix is to check for availability of any PlatformLibrary, and if not available treat it as if there are no frameworks (just like before #3697.
Fix NullRef generating runtime config for NET Framework TFM
LOC CHECKIN | dotnet/sdk  release/3.1.1xx | 20191101
…0191111.2 (#3887)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19561.2
* Update dependencies from build

- NuGet.Build.Tasks - 5.4.0-rtm.6292

* Update to newer SDK

* Use 2.2.8 Shared Framework for 2.2 tests
…0191111.4 (#3890)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19561.4
…0191111.5 (#3891)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19561.5
…0191111.7 (#3893)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0-preview3.19561.7
Enable SDL validation
…0191112.4 (#3898)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
Use more Arcade defaults
Use default arcade symbol publishing logic




When customer annotates files to be excluded from the single-file bundle,
the annotation may not be honored correctly. Moreover, certain files may
be included in duplicate leading to downstream failure.


Fix a copy-paste typo to fix the bug.


Very low.

This fix targets a very specific scenario, triggered by explicit annotations in the project file.
Only affects projects where the property <PublishSingleFile>true</PublishSingleFile> is set,
and some content is annotated with `<ExcludeFromSingleFile>true</ExcludeFromSingleFile>`

Customer Impact

Exclusion from single-files is handled correctly.
Update PreReleaseVersionLabel to RTM
…0191114.3 (#3913)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
…0191114.4 (#3915)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
…0191115.2 (#3919)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
…0191118.1 (#3931)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
…0191118.2 (#3932)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
…119.2 (#3946)

- Microsoft.DotNet.Arcade.Sdk - 1.0.0-beta.19569.2
- Microsoft.DotNet.Helix.Sdk - 2.0.0-beta.19569.2
- Microsoft.DotNet.SignTool - 1.0.0-beta.19569.2
…0191120.3 (#3947)

- Microsoft.NET.HostModel - 3.1.0
dotnet-maestro bot and others added 3 commits Dec 2, 2019
…127.5 (#3988)

- Microsoft.DotNet.Arcade.Sdk - 1.0.0-beta.19577.5
- Microsoft.DotNet.Helix.Sdk - 2.0.0-beta.19577.5
- Microsoft.DotNet.SignTool - 1.0.0-beta.19577.5
…202.4 (#3991)

- Microsoft.DotNet.Arcade.Sdk - 5.0.0-beta.19602.4
- Microsoft.DotNet.Helix.Sdk - 5.0.0-beta.19602.4
- Microsoft.DotNet.SignTool - 5.0.0-beta.19602.4
@wli3 wli3 closed this Dec 5, 2019
@wli3 wli3 reopened this Dec 5, 2019
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