Available templates for dotnet new

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To search for available templates go to https://dotnetnew.azurewebsites.net.

Here is a list (alpha sorted) of templates which are available for use with dotnet new

C# Templates

Name Quick Install
.NET Boxed dotnet new -i "Boxed.Templates::*"
ASP.NET Core SPA Templates dotnet new -i "Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates::*"
Auth0 Templates dotnet new -i "Auth0.Templates::*"
AWS Lambda .NET Core Templates dotnet new -i "Amazon.Lambda.Templates::*"
Blazor - Full stack web development with C# and WebAssembly dotnet new -i Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Templates::*
Cake.Frosting dotnet new -i "Cake.Frosting.Template::*"
Carter - Carter is a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core. dotnet new -i "CarterTemplate::*"
cloudscribe dotnet new -i "cloudscribe.templates::*"
DotVVM - Open source MVVM framework for line of business web applications dotnet new -i "DotVVM.Templates::*"
Eto.Forms dotnet new -i "Eto.Forms.Templates::*"
Geco - C# 6 Interpolated strings based Code Generator dotnet new -i "iQuarc.Geco.CSharp::*"
GtkSharp dotnet new -i "GtkSharp.Template.CSharp"
IdentityServer4.Templates dotnet new -i "identityserver4.templates::*"
Kentico Cloud Boilerplate dotnet new -i "KenticoCloud.CloudBoilerplateNet::*"
MonoGame (.NET Core) dotnet new -i "MonoGame.Template.CSharp"
MSBuild extension dotnet new -i "MSBuildExtensionTemplate::*"
MvxScaffolding Templates - MvvmCross Xamarin native and Xamarin Forms templates. dotnet new -i "MvxScaffolding.Templates::*"
NancyFX Template not on nuget.org
NSpec Templates dotnet new -i "dotnet-new-nspec::*"
NUnit 3 Test Project Template dotnet new -i "NUnit3.DotNetNew.Template::*"
Paulovich.Caju - .NET applications with Event Sourcing, Hexagonal or Clean Architectures styles dotnet new -i "Paulovich.Caju::*"
Paulovich.Manga - Clean Architecture for .NET Applications! dotnet new -i "Paulovich.Manga::*"
Particular Templates - Templates targeting NServiceBus and other tools and libraries from Particular Software dotnet new -i "ParticularTemplates::*"
Pioneer Console Boilerplate - Boilerplated .NET Core console application that includes dependency injection, logging and configuration. dotnet new -i "Pioneer.Console.Boilerplate::*"
PowerShell Core dotnet new -i "FiftyProtons.Templates.PSCore::*"
Prism Forms QuickStarts - Empty & QuickStart project Templates for Prism for Xamarin Forms. Requires dotnet cli 2.0 pre3+ dotnet new -i "Prism.Forms.QuickstartTemplates::*"
Raspberry Pi 3 - C# template for .NET Core 2 IoT applications. dotnet new -i "RaspberryPi.Template::*"
ServiceStack dotnet new -i "ServiceStack.Core.Templates::*"
Template templates - Templates to create new project and item templates. Requires new3. dotnet new -i "FiftyProtons.Templates.DotNetNew::*"
Zahasoft Templates dotnet new -i "Zahasoft.Skele::*"
ASP.NET Core Web API (extended) dotnet new -i "Popov1024.HttpApi.Template.CSharp::*"

F# Templates

Name Quick Install
ASP.NET Core WebAPI F# Template dotnet new -i "WebAPI.FSharp.Template::*"
Eto.Forms dotnet new -i "Eto.Forms.Templates::*"
Expecto Template dotnet new -i "Expecto.Template::*"
Fable-elmish dotnet new -i "Fable.Template.Elmish.React::*"
Fable, F# |> Babel dotnet new -i "Fable.Template::*"
Fable Library - F# Template for creating and publishing Fable libraries dotnet new -i "Fable.Template.Library::*"
Freya dotnet new --install "Freya.Template::*"
Giraffe Template dotnet new -i "giraffe-template::*"
GtkSharp dotnet new -i "GtkSharp.Template.FSharp"
MiniScaffold - F# Template for creating and publishing libraries targeting .NET Full (net45) and Core (netstandard1.6) dotnet new -i "MiniScaffold::*"
NancyFx dotnet new -i "NancyFx.Core.Template::*"
vbfox's F# Templates dotnet new -i "BlackFox.DotnetNew.FSharpTemplates::*"
WebSharper dotnet new -i "WebSharper.Templates::*"
SAFE Template dotnet new -i "SAFE.Template::*"

VBNet Templates

Name Quick Install
GtkSharp dotnet new -i "GtkSharp.Template.VBNet"
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