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.NET Training and Tutorials

This repository holds the content used to build the .NET getting started tutorials hosted at


The content is broken up into high level groups by topic, initially covering

Within each content area, there are one or more tutorials.

Each tutorial consists of lessons. Each lesson should be a page detailing the concept being taught, along with sample code. Lesson and page may be used interchangeably when describing the tutorials. Lessons may be broken up into several steps. Each step and lesson should end with working code the user can run using a REPL, Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code.

You can view the C# content as a model for other content areas. Note that URLs/links should use 'csharp' in place of C# because GitHub will convert the latter to C%23 resulting in broken links. Also note, links to files are case-sensitive within GitHub's web view.

Lessons will include tips that will be tagged according to reader background, and eventually these will be displayed to readers who have indicated they have that background. For example:

Tip {.tip .vb} The static keyword in C# is equivalent to Shared in Visual Basic .NET

Lessons will also include notes, which will receive special formatting when displayed to readers. For example:

Note {.note}

It is common to log exceptions that occur, so that you can review them later and improve the program to avoid them, if possible.

Lessons will be written using markdown (Github variant). Lessons should link to other documents for specific tasks and API references. These should focus on helping the user follow through and understand the tutorial.

Includes / Shared Elements

The ultimately publishing platform capabilities and requirements aren't yet known. Until they are, we don't have a system in place for includes or for sharing common elements across tutorials/pages. For now, we'll need to copy/paste.

Branching Strategy

The master branch will contain the latest approved content. In the short term, approved content authors will be permitted to push directly to master. Once there is a significant amount of content, however, authors will be expected to work in their own feature branch before submitting a pull request and awaiting a :shipit: from another team member.


We welcome contributions and corrections to these tutorials. We will build out a roadmap shortly on the areas that we are looking to address next but send us your ideas. When contributing the steps are:

  1. Fork this repo and clone your fork locally
  2. Create a new branch for your contribution
  3. Do your awesomeness, commit and push to your fork
  4. Create a pull request from it to the master branch of
  5. Leave some handy comments

We ask that authors of significant changes sign the .NET Foundation Contribution License Agreement. This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

.NET Foundation

This project is supported by the .NET Foundation.


Getting started tutorials for C# and ASP.NET







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