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|| BasicsContribution Guidelines ||


This repository contains samples and tutorials that run using the dotnet try global tool.

You can explore these tutorials in your environment using the dotnet try global tool:

Prerequisite: Install .NET Core SDK 3.0

  1. Install the dotnet-try global tool.

  2. Clone this repository.

  3. Set the current directory to one of the sample tutorials (or use the current folder to see all samples).

  4. Run dotnet try.

    dotnet try

  5. This will launch the browser. Now, you can read the documentation and run code in one place.

    dotnet try -  _Readme md (2)

The tutorials in this repository are:

Contribution Guidelines

We're working on this. The existing tutorials are linked to .NET docs, but that's not required.

If you have suggestions for a sample, create an issue to start a discussion.

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