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Try .NET Roadmap 2019

Try .NET is a set of tools that enable users to create interactive developer experiences for their customers/ readers. The goals Try .NET is allow for users to try code samples, snippets, and packages without having to install all the requirements on their machine.

In the document below we have described a set of initiatives/ goals we intend to go after throughout the year. In the upcoming months, we will understand the problem and come up with potential solutions before scheduling any feature work. As a result, some of our goals might change. We will always try out best to keep our customers updated on our progress, and look forward to your feedback.

Progress Annotation

Icon Description
Released 🚀
Completed Check mark
Not Started No check
In progress :hammer:
Stretch goal :tophat:


  • Documentation Integration
  • Code first documentation
  • Verification
  • Rich APIs experiences
  • Continued Integration with popular third-party platforms.
  • Grow language Support
  • Grow contributors
  • Mobile Support


Below is a list of scenarios that we are currently exploring.

List of Actors

Actor Goals
Content Author An individual creating developer interactive documentation. For example blogs, workshops, online tutorials, etc.
User Anyone individual using documentation that is Try .NET enabled.
Try .NET With these set of tools, the content author can embed runnable code snippets on their websites, create 3rd party plugins, and other developer documentation.


What works out of the box and interaction plans

Language Support

Growing language support

UX Improvements

UI improvements

Integration & Plugins

Support for 3rd party intergation

Community Contribution

List of areas we are looking for community support.


These are just examples of what we plan to work on in the next 6 -12 months. We always try our best to keep you up to date and may make changes based on our customer's feedback.

Please Note: That the Try .NET tool has had complete overhaul over the past few months. As a result, we will be updating our Wiki and roadmaps to reflect the exciting times we have ahead. Thank you, and please do keep an eye on our repo.

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