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Future website for Exiled Tibetan's in Dharamshala, India. This site will be a source of educational learning programs for the exiled, as well as a collaborative resource for volunteers and donors. Source code exists here for two reasons. One, is the hope of finding contributors for this much needed cause. Two, we required a TFS host and as a new web server is currently being provisioned CodePlex appeared to be our best option.

As a contribution to Open Source, we offer in this project an adequate example of how to setup a MVC.Net 3.0 web project with a Presenter/Service/Repository architecture. Presentation layer includes uses of AutoMapper, JSON.Net, MvcSiteMapProvider, jQuery, TinyMCE, and MVCContrib (Grid & Pager) with views rendered using the Razor Engine. Slightly more advanced functionality in the presentation layer includes custom HTML Helpers (w/ custom jQuery plugins), custom model attributes for validation, custom editor templates and custom controller attributes to handle site security. Repository layer relies on the DetachedCriteria object and includes fair to complex uses of FluentNHibernate (obviously w/ NHibernate) with FluenNHibernate validation. Most object construction is done using StructureMap IOC. All tests are run within the Microsoft Visual Studio Test Environment. Controller tests use WatiN to verify individual page rendering. Repository tests use SQLite, an in memory database.

Any long term volunteers would be greatly appreciated.