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using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using FlubuCore.Context;
using FlubuCore.Context.FluentInterface.Interfaces;
using FlubuCore.Scripting;
using FlubuCore.Tasks.Iis;
namespace BuildScript
//// Deploy script can be executed with or without flubu web api. If u want to execute deploy script
//// remotely execute it with flubu web api otherwise if u want to execute it locally execute it with flubu runner or dotnet cli tool.
//// see wiki for detailed tutorial about how to execute script remotely with flubu web api
//// More complex deploy script from real project:
//// so that u get an idea what can be done with FlubuCore
public class DeployScript : DefaultBuildScript
protected override void ConfigureBuildProperties(IBuildPropertiesContext context)
protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext session)
session.CreateTarget("deploy.local").AddTasks(Deploy, "c:\\ExamplaApp").SetAsDefault();
session.CreateTarget("deploy.test").AddTasks(Deploy, "d:\\ExamplaApp");
session.CreateTarget("").AddTasks(Deploy, "e:\\ExamplaApp");
private void Deploy(ITarget target, string deployPath)
.AddTask(x => x.IisTasks().CreateAppPoolTask("Example app pool").Mode(CreateApplicationPoolMode.DoNothingIfExists))
.AddTask(x => x.IisTasks().ControlAppPoolTask("Example app pool", ControlApplicationPoolAction.Stop).DoNotFailOnError())
.AddTask(x => x.CopyDirectoryStructureTask(@"Packages\ExampleApp", deployPath, true).Retry(20, 5000))
.AddTask(x => x.IisTasks().ControlAppPoolTask("Example app pool", ControlApplicationPoolAction.Start));
private void UnzipPackage(ITaskContext context)
var files = Directory.EnumerateFiles("packages", "*.zip").ToList();
string zip = files[0];
context.Tasks().UnzipTask(zip, "packages").Execute(context);
private void CreateWebSite(ITaskContext context)
.ApplicationPoolName("Example app pool")
.WebsiteName("Example web site")