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using System;
using FlubuCore.Context;
using FlubuCore.Context.Attributes.BuildProperties;
using FlubuCore.IO;
using FlubuCore.Scripting;
using FlubuCore.Tasks.Attributes;
using FlubuCore.Tasks.Versioning;
namespace Build
public class BuildScript : DefaultBuildScript
public string NugetApiKey { get; set; }
//// With attribute solution is stored in flubu session so it doesn't need to be defined in restore and build task.
[SolutionFileName] public string SolutionFileName { get; set; } = "NetCoreOpenSource.sln";
//// BuildConfiguration is stored in flubu session so it doesn't need to be defined in build task and test tasks.
[BuildConfiguration] public string BuildConfiguration { get; set; } = "Release";
[ProductId] public string ProductId { get; set; } = "NetCoreOpenSourceFlubuExample";
//// Target fetches build version from files ignoring both prefixes if they occur before build version. Build Version is also stored
//// in flubu session. Alternatively flubu supports fetching of build version out of the box with GitVersionTask. Just apply [GitVersion] attribute on property
[FetchBuildVersionFromFile(ProjectVersionFileName = "", PrefixesToRemove = new [] { "## NetCoreOpenSource" })]
public BuildVersion BuildVersion { get; set; }
public FullPath OutputDir => RootDirectory.CombineWith("output");
protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext context)
var clean = context.CreateTarget("Clean")
.SetDescription("Clean's the solution.")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.Clean()
.AddDirectoryToClean(OutputDir, true));
var restore = context.CreateTarget("Restore")
.SetDescription("Restore's nuget packages in all projects.")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.Restore());
//// UpdateNetCoreVersionTask updates NetCoreOpenSource project version. Version is fetched from flubu session.
//// Alternatively you can set version in Build task through build task fluent interface.
var build = context.CreateTarget("Build")
.SetDescription("Build's the solution.")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.UpdateNetCoreVersionTask("NetCoreOpenSource/NetCoreOpenSource.csproj"))
.AddCoreTask(x => x.Build()
var tests = context.CreateTarget("Run.tests")
.SetDescription("Run's all test's in the solution")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.Test()
var pack = context.CreateTarget("Pack")
.SetDescription("Prepare's nuget package.")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.Pack()
var branch = context.BuildSystems().Travis().BranchName;
//// Examine travis.yaml to see how to pass api key from travis to FlubuCore build script.
var nugetPush = context.CreateTarget("Nuget.publish")
.SetDescription("Publishes nuget package.")
.AddCoreTask(x => x.NugetPush($"{OutputDir}/NetCoreOpenSource.nupkg")
.When((c) => c.BuildSystems().RunningOn == BuildSystemType.TravisCI
&& !string.IsNullOrEmpty(branch)
&& branch.EndsWith("stable", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase));
var rebuild = context.CreateTarget("Rebuild")
.SetDescription("Builds the solution and runs all tests.")
.DependsOn(build, tests);
.SetDescription("Builds the solution, runs all tests and publishes nuget package.")
.DependsOn(rebuild, nugetPush);