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Contribution Guidelines

First of all, thanks for thinking of contributing to this project! 👏

This project has a Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

🛎 Questions

Feel free to open a ticket with your question.

If u have any improvement or feature proposal's we would be glad to hear from you. Add new issue as proposal and we will discuss it with you.

Please put some effort in requesting a new feature. If someone else is going to implement something, the least you can do is describe the feature in detail, and why it would be useful to others as well.

🐛 File a Bug

In case you've encountered a bug, please make sure:

  • You are using the latest version
  • You have read the documentation first, and double-checked your configuration.
  • In your issue description, please include:
    • What you expected to see, and what happened instead.
    • Your operating system and other environment information.
    • As much information as possible, such as the command and configuration used.
    • Interesting parts of code and script logs with --debug argument applied.
    • All steps to reproduce the issue.
  • When you are requesting to fix a bug or new feature you should become a stargazer.

🎁 I Want to contribute to the code

Pull requests are welcome! We are also looking for new team member's Gitter

Please keep the following in mind:

  • You can contribute to the code by fixing a bug, implement new feature or improve existing code. Search issues by label Help wanted, Good first issue, Enchantment, New task, New plugin or take any other issue if u know how to implement/fix it.
  • If u found a new bug and want to fix it your self or you want to implement new feature first open new issue so we discuss it with you.
  • Make sure the tests pass. Your changes probably deserve new tests as well.
  • Remember that this project is cross-platform compatible (macOS, Windows, Linux)