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.NET Core Community Home

.NET Core Community(NCC) is an open source community based on the .NET Core technology stack. It was created by Alex LEWIS, LIU Haoyang, HE Zhenxi, Yang XIE and Yu LOU in 2016. We hope that through our efforts, we can make the .NET Core ecosystem more exciting.

The History of NCC

NCC was founded in mid-2016, the original name is ".NET Core China Studying Group". At the same time, we created a QQ Group called "dotNET Core Studying Group".

The original goal of NCC was to translate the documentation of Microsoft ASP.NET Core. We have received a lot of help and encouragement from many people (List of contributors for 2016 translation project). And the works of our translation also provided great convenient for the first Chinese developers who learned ASP.NET Core.

After two years of challenge, NCC became an open source community organization with more than one dozen projects and multiple sub-teams.

We have received support from many people, including the sponsorship of JetBrains.

In 2019, we provided the NCC domain asset '' to the .NET China Community Joint Meeting (NCJM), we started a new domain ''. We NCC are working with NCJM, to make .NET GREATER together.

Members' Code of Conduct

In order to build an open, innovative, inclusive and welcoming community, we have published the Code of Conduct for Members.

Repos and Projects

Our project is divided into two phases: the NCC Sandbox Projects phase and the NCC Top-Level Projects phase. When a new project is applied to join NCC and successfully pass the review and complete the preparatory work before joining, the project will automatically enter the NCC Sandbox Projects phase. If you want to apply to join NCC, please read the How to join us section.

Our Top-Level Projects

Projects in the NCC Top-Level Projects phase can be used in production environments.

  • AspectCore, an AOP-based cross platform framework for .NET Standard.
  • CAP, a distributed transaction solution in microservice based on eventually consistency, also an eventbus with Outbox pattern.
  • DotnetSpider, a .NET Standard web crawling library similar to WebMagic and Scrapy. It is a lightweight ,efficient and fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for .NET.
  • NPOI, a .net library for reading and writing MsOffice binary and OOXML file formats.
  • Surging, a distributed micro-service engine that provides high-performance RPC remote service calls.

Our Sandbox Projects

Projects in the NCC Sandbox Projects phase are still in development and they need more time and practice to test their designs.

  • Alipay SDK, A third-party Alipay server SDK, based on .NET Standard 2.0 development, provides a more reliable design than the official, but remains consistent with the official apis.
  • CanalSharp, An open source .net client for Alibaba Canal. Alibaba Cancal is an incremental publish & subscription component based on MySql's binlog. For more detail please visit
  • EasyCaching, an open source caching library that contains basic usage and some advanced usages of caching which can help us to handle caching more easier.
  • FlubuCore, A cross platform build and deployment automation system for building projects and executing deployment scripts using C# code.(Example for FlubuCore)
  • Natasha, Simplify IL operations, optimize the IL programming flow, and write dynamic caches that provide high performance.
  • SmartCode, An excellent open source code generator (of cause not only a generates code). It's based on execution flow, supports ETL mode, highly flexible and scalable, also supports custom templates and multiple template styles, and multiple databases.
  • SmartSql, SmartSql provides a progressive development experience with simple connection string configuration to run, XML configuration to decouple SQL and a variety of performance observation methods to make performance problems clear at a glance. SmartSql maintains the same level of performance as Dapper and provides a number of features: dynamic proxy storage/distributed cache/type processor/automatic generation of CUD code/distributed Id generator/performance diagnosis/AOP level of things/caches (memory, distributed cache)/read/write separation/code generator/high performance batch insertion, etc.
  • Util, an open source application framework under the .NET Core platform, designed to improve the development efficiency of small teams. It is composed of common helpers, hierarchical architecture design, UI components, third-party component and service interface packages.
  • WebApiClient, an open source project based on the HttpClient. You only need to define the c# interface and modify the related features to invoke the client library of the remote http interface asynchronously.
  • WTM, a development tool for small and medium-sized back-end management systems. Implement zero-code creation project, zero-code generation management module.

Our External Sandbox Project

  • KoobooJson, Smaller and Faster C# JSON Serialization Tool (Construction Based on Expression Tree)
  • ZKWeb, an external project of NCC. ZKWeb is a flexible web framework for .NET Framework and .NET Core with plugin system and template system.

Do you want to bea part of us? The next great NCC project, will be yours. The next section will tell you how to join us.

How to Join Us

Project requirements for joining NCC

  • Project based on .NET Core (includes .NET Standard and .NETCoreApp);
  • Have clear git commit log;
  • Have complete unit test (over 65% coverage);
  • Have appropriate benchmark info (necessary for infrastructure projects);
  • Be created for at least three months;
  • Have contributed in the most recent month by the author or core contributors;
  • Have at least 50 stars;
  • The project description is detailed, and project with sample code, documentation, and wiki;
  • Be NOT sponsored by a commercial company or organization and does NOT have paid employees;
  • WITHOUT ANY copyright issues;
  • Open source license.

※ In special cases, the above requirements may be reduced as appropriate.

(Full version...)

Joining Step

Step1. Application

Submit you application in dotnetcore/Home.

Please fill in the following items:

  1. Project description;
  2. Project's GitHub repository url;
  3. Project's Website address;
  4. Project's document/wiki;
  5. Author and core contributors' info;
  6. License.

Step2. Preliminary Review and Technical Review

This work will be performed by the NCC Open Source Project Management Committee.

Step3. Vote

Voted by the NCC Open Source Project Management Committee.

The vote will over in 72 hours. After vote is over, result will be announced.

Step4. Discuss the details of joining the NCC

NCC staff and project authors discuss the final steps to join NCC.

(Full version...)

Fund management

NCC accepts donations from communities and individuals. All donations will be made public through the and subject to community supervision.


When you donate, PLEASE TELL US YOUR NAME AND TO MARK "NCC", thank you.


All donations will be managed by LIU Haoyang and booked by Alex Lewis.

Thank you for your donation.

Support and Sponsorship


  • If you having any trouble about NCC Member Projects, please go to the repository of that project and create a new issue.
  • If you having some questions about NCC, you may create an issue for us.
  • You can alse join our QQGroup (numbered 436035237). That QQGroup is a large group of 3K people, much thanks to XIE Yang for paying the QQGroup every year.
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