@kal kal released this Feb 8, 2019

dotNetRDF 2.2.0

This release pulls together a number of minor features and enhancements provided by the user community.

NEW: Performance improvements for the ontology builder classes (OntologyClass and OntologyProperty). Thanks to @DFinnh for the PR (#221)
NEW: The TriG parser now supports the syntax of the most recent TriG recommendation. This is now the default syntax supported by the TriG parser. Thanks to @langsamu for the PR (#205, #208)
NEW: SPARQL QueryBuilder now supports SPARQL VALUES clauses. Thanks to @tpluscode for the PR (#214)
NEW: The Get...Node methods of the Graph class now include nodes used as predicates as well as those used as subjects and objects in the graph. (#209)
FIX: Fix for the RDF/XML parser to better handle XML namespaces. Thanks to @glebkozh for the report. (#203)
NEW: StardogConnector now supports opening a transaction with reasoning enabled. Thanks to @DarthStem for the PR (#226)

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