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Besides our developer APIs we also produce a suite of command line and GUI tools for working with RDF and SPARQL, you can find links to their documentation in this section of the user guide.


You can download our Toolkit from our main website.

Using the Toolkit requires .Net 4.0 Framework Full to be installed on your machine.

Available Tools

Tool Description
UserGuide/Tools/rdfConvert Utility for converting between different RDF formats
UserGuide/Tools/rdfEditor Notepad replacement for editing of RDF files
UserGuide/Tools/rdfOptStats Utility for generating stats for use with our in-memory stats based optimizer
UserGuide/Tools/rdfQuery Utility for making SPARQL queries at the command line
UserGuide/Tools/rdfServer Utility for running a simple SPARQL server
UserGuide/Tools/rdfServerGui Simple GUI for managing rdfServer instances
rdfWebDeploy Utility for helping with deployment of our ASP.Net Integration features
UserGuide/Tools/soh Utility for accessing SPARQL servers via the command line
UserGuide/Tools/SparqlGui GUI for experimenting with SPARQL queries using our in-memory SPARQL implementation
UserGuide/Tools/Store Manager GUI for working with and managing any supported Triple Store for which we have a UserGuide/Storage/Providers