Yet Another Visual Recognitoin Similarity Search API of IBM Watson, which is unavailable in 2017/Sep.
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Yet Anohter Similarity Search


Yet Anohter Similarity Search API.

This API has been developed as yet anohter IBM Watson Visual Recognition Similarity Search API(as beta), which has been retired in 2017/Sep.

This new API tries to handle compatible input data from original one.


  • You need Cloudant, NoSQL DBaaS, instance. If you don't have one yet, we recommend you to get one from IBM Bluemix( You need username and password of Cloudant.

  • You also need to install node.js and npm in application server.

  • This service use node-canvas library. So you need to install dependencies for node-canvas. Follow this page for instructions:


  • Git clone/download source code from GitHub.

  • Edit settings.js with your Cloudant username and password.

  • (Optional)Edit settings.js with Basic Authentication username and password ifyou want to use Basic Authentication.

  • Install libraries

    • $ npm install
  • Run app.js with Node.js

    • $ node app
  • You can access /v3/xxxxxxx APIs .

How to find similar images

In current code, I use "Color-Histogram" approach to find/judge similarity. See wikipedia for details:

Implemented APIs

  • GET /v3/collections

    • List all custom collections
  • POST /v3/collections

    • Create a new collection
  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}

    • Retrieve collection details
  • POST /v3/collections/{collection_id}/find_similar

    • Find similar images
  • DELETE /v3/collections/{collection_id}

    • Delete a collection
  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images

    • List 100 images in a collection
  • POST /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images

    • Add images to a collection
  • DELETE /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}

    • Delete an image
  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}

    • List image details
  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}/binary (new!)

    • Get image binary with content-type header
  • DELETE /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}/metadata

    • Delete image metadata
  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}/metadata

    • List image metadata
  • PUT /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}/metadata

    • Add metadata to an image

See Watson API Explorer(!/) for details.

Diffence from original

  • No API Key required. You can enable Basic Authentication instead if needed.

  • No 'version' parameter required.

  • POST /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images have new save_image parameter. If this value would be true, you can save image itself, and retrieve it with following new API.

  • GET /v3/collections/{collection_id}/images/{image_id}/binary newly added to get image binary.

  • HTTP Response include 'status' which indicate success(true) or fail(false).



This code is licensed under MIT.


2017 K.Kimura @ Juge.Me all rights reserved.