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Cloudant DB Dump/Restore tool


  • Command Line tool which dump/restore Cloudant( ) database into/from local file.

  • This dump tool backup all documents with attachments. And restore tool recreate them into specified database as new one.


  • You need Node.js and npm installed to run this tool.

  • You need Cloudant DB instance. You need to prepare your Username & Password which can be accessed to you Cloudant DB instance.

Install & Settings

How to use


  • Run following command:

    • $ node dump (dbname) (dumpfilename)

      • (dbname): Cloudant database name which to be dumped.

      • (dumpfilename): Local file name which to be created as dumped data.


  • Run following command:

    • $ node restore (dbname) (dumpfilename)

      • (dbname): Cloudant database name which to be newly created as restored database.

      • (dumpfilename): Local file name which was created in above dump command.

  • If you specify existing database as restore db, that database would be erased first, and restored as newly created one.


This code is licensed under MIT.


2017 K.Kimura @ Juge.Me all rights reserved.