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Manholizer in Node.js with Watson Visual Recognition API


Node.js demo application which detect faces on images, and 'manholize' them with appropriate place and color.

This application use IBM Watson Visual Recognition API. If you want to try this application, you need to register IBM Bluemix at first, and you need to get API Key string of Visual Recognition API.


--- public/             : document root
 |   |- cvi_busy_lib.js :  JavaScript lib
 |   |- icon.png        :  icon
 |   |- index.html      :  main page
 |- .gitignore          : .gitignore file
 |- app.js              : web application
 |- manifest.yml        : manifest.yml for IBM Bluemix
 |- packages.json       : packages.json for IBM Bluemix
 |-           : this file
 |- settings.js         : setting variables

How to use



  • Install Node.js in your local machine.

  • Download source files, and extend it.

  • Edit settings.js with your API KEY.

    • exports.vr_apykey = 'abcdabcdabcdabcdabcdabcd';
  • Edit manifest.yml with your domain(if needed), application name and host.

    • domain:

    • name: name_of_your_app

    • host: name_of_your_app

Deploy( into IBM Bluemix )

  • Deploy your application with cf command line tool.

    • $ cf push


Now you can browse your application from web browser.


This code is licensed under MIT.


2017 K.Kimura @ Juge.Me all rights reserved.