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So called Slide 16 Game with PWA(Progressive Web Application) enabled.

Demo application URL

How to install demo application

  • Open above Demo application URL with your mobile browser.

  • Select Add to Home screen

  • You will see application icon in your home screen.

How to play

  • Tap application icon in your home screen, then application would be run.

  • Choose category from list, and you will see illustrated images for that category in your carousel.

  • Choose(Tap) one image, and you will see Slide 15 Puzzle game with selected image.

  • If you could clear that game, you will see your moves and seconds for your game, and that would be recorded in remote database.

Special feature as PWA

  • Installed application would cache remote HTTP request for offline timing automatically.

  • You can play this game even when you are offline(don't have network connection) with above cache. But in that case, you can NOT record your result.

    • If you want to play this game offline, you need to cache request and images before.

How to make this application as PWA.

  • Download required remote js and css files in local folder.

  • Prepare manifest.json, and specify its path in <head>.

  • Prepare pwa_192.png and pwa_512.png, which are required as PWA.

  • Prepare serviceworker.js with required information.

References for PWA


2020 K.Kimura @ Juge.Me all rights reserved.

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