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#!/usr/bin/env python
This is the installation script of the offtheshelf module, a very simple and
minimal NoSQL database that uses shelve as a backend. You can run it by typing:
python install
You can also run the test suite by running:
python test
import sys
from distutils.core import setup
from offtheshelf.tests import TestCommand
__author__ = "Daniele Mazzocchio <>"
__version__ = "0.0.1"
__date__ = "Jun 24, 2012"
# Python versions prior 2.2.3 don't support 'classifiers' and 'download_url'
if sys.version < "2.2.3":
from distutils.dist import DistributionMetadata
DistributionMetadata.classifiers = None
DistributionMetadata.download_url = None
setup(name = "offtheshelf",
version = __version__,
author = "Daniele Mazzocchio",
author_email = "",
packages = ["offtheshelf"],
cmdclass = {"test": TestCommand},
description = "Simple NoSQL database with shelve backend",
classifiers = ["Development status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha",
"Environment :: Console",
"Intended Audience :: Developers",
"License :: OSI-Approved Open Source :: BSD License",
"Natural Language :: English",
"Operating System :: OS Independent",
"Programming Language :: Python",
"Topic :: Database"])
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