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Releases: dots-tb/reF00D

reF00D v1.1.1

20 Dec 05:06
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reF00D v1.1.1 Pre-release

Removed encrypted SCE key from reF00D. If you want to decrypt the SCE program, you need to load ref00d_kprx_auth_init_sce.skprx separately.

And Remove unnecessary code.

reF00D v1.1

13 Mar 01:15
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reF00D v1.1

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Sped up program decryption time
  • Removed keys.bin dependency
  • reF00D now decrypts all programs
  • Added custom key set to take advantage of SCE system features in HB. Requested by @GrapheneCt.

ref00d v1.0

10 Jan 23:31
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Please use: instead


the French - @CelesteBlue123
the American - @dots_tb
the 【Princess of Sleeping】 - @PoSsvkey

With @juliosueiras and TheRadziu - @AluProductions

Updated keys.bin:,44.0.html

What it does:

It allows you to run modules such as games or system apps that require a FW different from your own. This includes thing such as 3.69 games or 3.51 apps.

How to use:

  1. Add reF00D.skprx path to your taihen config.txt or use Autoplugin to install it.
    Note for devs: The release version does not work with plugin loader and must be used in taihen config.txt
  2. Make sure that reF00D is installed AFTER NoNpDRM in this config.txt.
  3. Put keys.bin file into ur0:/tai/keys.bin. (
  4. Reboot. Enjoy !

NOTE: rePatch module loading will take priority over reF00D.

Special thanks:

Team Molecule for feeding the p00r.
To Silica for his mental illness (actually caring about PSM) which made us realize the headers weren't always in order.
To motoharu, aerosoul, TheFloW, xerpi, St4rk, Mathieulh, zecoxao for having reversed a part of the PSVita and made useful tools.
To sys for being sys

Testing team:

Samilop Iter