Kernel Plugin to make ux0:rePatch allow the modding of encrypted games similar to ux0:patch
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rePatch reDux0:

This plugin serves as a substitute for the patch folder when an existing update is present on official cartridges or other encrypted formats. It also has the benefit of loading decrypted content on 3.60+.

To clarify: this plugin works on 3.60-3.68 on NoNpDrm, official cartridges, and officially downloaded games.

Note: Be wary of using a Vitamin dumped(or similar) eboot, it will be affected by save issues.


For DLC examples check out:

More in-depth information on modding by Radziu:

This includes newly added DLC and traditional modding.

Other information:

3.65 Confirmed working:

Eboot.bin patching added based off:

Developed by @dots_tb & @CelesteBlue123 SilicaAndPina