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🌟 one of my 100 projects 🌟


This is a CODER project: https://googlecreativelab.github.io/coder-projects/projects/digital_clock/

Changes I made for my version:

  • no jQuery (for fun!)
  • I took the main displayTime function out of the $(document).ready section mostly because even though there's nothing else happening on this little sit, if there were I wouldn't want it all chilling in $(document).ready, so why establish the habit.
  • I made a reusable function out of the function for adding a leading 0 to the seconds read-out. It's only on minutes and seconds, but why not abstract it a little (:

notes & resources

I decided to use the non-jQuery $(document).ready because it's the only jQuery thing I was using, so why load up all of jQuery for that.

I did the thing again where desktop, mobile landscape (ha!), and mobile portrait are different color schemes. Because it's fun, that's why!

For colors I used Paletton and Spectral.