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🌟 one of my 100 projects 🌟

Dick's Drive-in Calculator

Dick's Drive-In is a Seattle institution; a simple menu and an endless source of juvenile jokes, Seattle loves its Dick's.

There used to be a site that did this very thing (http://www.dicksinmymouth.com) but as of early July 2016, it's not responding. And even if it were, I'd still do this for the practice of doing all these tasks (tallying items, accessing object properties via another property, etc.).

14-July-2016 Today marks the end of work on version 1. I have ideas! about future iterations, but for the time being, I'll move on to another project. (:


  • Dick's Drive-in Menu with prices! 🎉
  • Seattle tax rate (.096)
    ⚠️ this might not be applicable! Research trip needed. 😬
    Update: as of 14-July, I'm going with no sales tax, but as soon as I can make the research trip, heh, I'll update if necessary.
  • Messing about with colors using Spectral and Paletton