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dotscad: OpenSCAD Things

This github organization is intended as a central hub for OpenSCAD users to showcase their works and make them available for other people to use, modify, and enhance.

This repository contains a set of module files intended to supplement those available elsewhere in the community (e.g. MCAD).

Other repositories in this organization contain Things organized into submodules by theme/category (e.g. photography or toy trains), so please browse toward whichever strikes your fancy.

How to Use: modules

After cloning this repository into the correct library location for your operating system, just use the module of your choice. E.g.

use <dotscad/pie.scad>;
pie(40, 45, 5);

The source code for each module will contain a detailed explanation of what it does.

You should also see a module_example.stl file for each module, which you can view directly on github to see what sort of things the module can do for you.

How to Use: Things

The easiest way to use these Things is to find those with a link at the top of the file to their page at Thingiverse, where you will find renderings, photographs, and downloadable STL files that you can send directly to your 3D printer.

If you wish to dig deeper, you will need to familiarize yourself with OpenSCAD, a 3D modeling program that uses a scripting language to render objects, rather than a visual editor. If you wish to modify or configure any of the Things in this repository you will need to download OpenSCAD and then spend some time reading the language documentation.

How to Participate

We are always happy to welcome new members to the dotscad community.

If you wish to contribute a fix or enhancement for an existing module or Thing, please submit it as a pull request.

If your Thing doesn't fit into any of the existing repositories, please submit a request via our issue tracker to join our team and create a new repository to host your Thing.

License and Copyright

For compatability with MCAD and other OpenSCAD projects, all modules in this repository are dual licensed under the following licenses:

Unless otherwise stated, the Things located in other repositories under this organization are not licensed under the LGPL, but only the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

All works collected under the dotscad organization are copyright to their original authors, as specified via a copyright statement within the file itself. Works without clear copyright should not be accepted into any dotscad repository.

Core Contributors