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This module is an attempt to create a comprehensive OpenSCAD library for everything relating to modular toy trains most often seen under the Brio and Thomas brand names (but not to exclude Bigjigs, Nuchi, Imaginarium, Maxim, and several others I can no longer recall).

module: tracklib.scad

The core of this will eventually be a tracklib.scad file (not currently separated from the individual Things used to test its modules) which will contain OpenSCAD modules for rendering various parts of train track for the different types of track families (wooden, trackmaster, take-n-play).

I hope to have this module figured out over the next few weeks.


The actual Things in this repository are grouped together by category and family:

  • parts.*
    • Parts used to build compatible train toys
  • accessories.*
    • Things used to accessorize the trains and enhance/improve play (e.g. a snow plow for wooden trains, or a clip to hold track together).
  • track-*
    • Actual pieces of track, to supplement your own supply
  • track-adapters
    • A special category for adapters used to bridge different families of track, or even different types of toy (e.g. Lego).

Within each category, each Thing is organized into its own directory, where you will find the necessary .scad file(s) along with the README, a rendered STL file which you can interact examime directly in github, and possibly a photo of the printed item.