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IDN Reference Tables


The IDN tables in this repository have been created to facilitate the IDN part of Pre-Delegation Testing for the ICANN's New gTLD program. A TLD created under that program may, if supported by the Registry Agreement, register IDNs as SLDs (second level domains). The agreement limits the support to specified languages or Unicode scripts.

The tables in this repository list allowed code points for a certain language or script and specify any necessary contextual rules. The tables have been created following "Guidelines for IDN Reference Tables" found in this repository. The tables are divided into two parts, Language tables and Script tables, respectively.

The tables available match the most frequent languages and scripts that have been up for Pre-Delegation Testing.

Table format

If the IDN table file name ends with ".txt" then it is an IDN table in text format that conforms to the format specified in RFC 4290. If the file name ends with ".xml" it is an IDN table in LGR format that conforms with the format specification in RFC 7940.


The intended use of the repository is for IDN labels. Any use beyond that is not supported.

Changes to tables

These tables will be updated if needed. Anyone is welcome to suggest changes, or to suggest new tables. All suggested changes will be reviewed. Any changes that are approved will be added to the existing table or added as new tables.

Use of tables

Anyone is free to use and modify the IDN tables available in this repository for their own purposes.


2017-07-25: All reference tables are now available both in text (.txt) and LGR (.xml) format. For the LGR format, see RFC 7940. Both tables have the same content, only the format differs.


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