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Python code requirements

# Install PIP
tar xvzf pip-1.0.tar.gz && cd pip-1.0/ && sudo python install && cd ..

# Install libs
apt-get install libadns1 libadns1-dev

# Install Python requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

MailCheck settings
In config/config.ini/.php replace <ENTER EMAIL HERE> with a valid email address that receives problem reports.
Also, replace all <ENTER USERNAME HERE> and <ENTER PASSWORD HERE> with real information for the specific services.

MailCheck root folder must also be on the PYTHONPATH environment variable for the user running it.

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/var/www/mailcheck

Batch mode

# Run a batch with three concurrent test, outputting result to the file "result.json" and read emails from
# "emails.csv" file.
python engine/ -n 3 -o result.json users.exmaple.csv

-n  controls number of concurrent tests that run
-o  file where results is outputted in JSON
-v  control verbosity (info, warning, error, debug)
--post-test-sleep=  add a sleep after each test to space out runs. Default is 0 seconds.

CSV file format
CSV format is just a single column with email addresses.

# emails.csv

Result JSON format
The result from a batch run uses the following JSON format:

  # Overall status for each test run in the batch
  "status": {
    "unknown": 0,
    "warning": 0,
    "ok": 0,
    "error": 1
  # Number of results for individual sub-test
  "subtests": {
    "status": {
      "unknown": 0,
      "warning": 0,
      "ok": 1,
      "error": 1

  # Total number of goldstar handed out
  "gold_stars_count": 1,
  # List with all types of gold stars found during the test. Can be zero or more
  # depending on that gold stars were found
  "gold_stars": {
    "SPF is enabled for domain": 1

  # Batch start time in UTC formatted in ISO 8601 format
  "start_time": "2012-02-03T08:43:29.059111",
  # Batch end time in UTC formatted in ISO 8601 format
  "end_time": "2012-02-03T08:43:30.094293"


Mailcheck is a tool that allows users and administrators to check the status of mail-accounts and servers



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