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DNS Query Proxy

dnsqproxy is a simple DNS query proxy that may be used to execute DNS queries from remote servers. Queries and responses are communicated using JSON as described in RFC 4627.

N.B.: This software is not indended to be used for public facing services such as a DNS Looking Glass (e.g., https://github.com/bortzmeyer/dns-lg).

Proxy Protocol

  • Queries are submitted as JSON, one query per line.
  • Responses are emitted as JSON, one response per line
  • Multiple queries may be submitted in a single session.
  • Session is terminated by an empty command or by end-of-file.

Query Elements

Mandatory Query Elements

The following query elements must be specified and has no defaults.

  • address -- IPv4/IPv6 address of the destination DNS server
  • qname -- domain name to query
  • qtype -- DNS resource record (RR) type

Optional Query Elements

  • tag -- query/response tag (no default)
  • port -- destination port (default 53)
  • tcp_timeout -- TCP timeout in seconds (default 60)
  • udp_timeout -- UDP timeout in seconds (no default, retrans/retry used for retransmission)
  • retrans -- retransmission interval (default 5)
  • retry -- number of times to retry to query (default 2)
  • transport -- TCP or UDP (default "UDP")
  • qclass -- query class (default "IN")
  • bufsize -- EDNS0 buffer size (default 512)
  • flags -- query flags
    • do -- DNSSEC OK (default 0)
    • cd -- Checking Disabled (default 0)
    • rd -- Recursion Desired (default 0)
    • ad -- Authenticated Data (default 0)

Response Elements

  • tag -- query/response tag (if set in query)
  • address -- IPv4/IPv6 address of destination DNS server
  • port -- destination port
  • transport -- TCP or UDP
  • time -- query time in seconds
  • version -- proxy version
  • query -- full DNS query in Base64 format
  • response -- full DNS response in Base64 format
  • error -- error message (in case of error)




The following perl modules are required:

  • Data::Dumper
  • IO::Socket::INET6
  • JSON
  • MIME::Base64
  • Net::DNS
  • Net::DNS::SEC
  • Net::IP
  • Time::HiRes

Required Debian/Ubuntu Packages

  • perl
  • perl-base
  • perl-modules
  • libio-socket-inet6-perl
  • libjson-perl
  • libnet-dns-perl
  • libnet-dns-sec-perl
  • libnet-ip-perl