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The purpose of the idn-properties tool is to list a summary of the codepoints in the provided file. Input files can be formatted as RFC 4290 tables, RFC 3743, or just any text file containing a table of Unicode codepoints in the format of U+[A-Z]+.


The output is a summary of scripts being used, and a summary of the derived properties as concluded by the IDNA2008 algorithms. (PVALID, DISALLOWED and so on.)

Example usage:

$> idn-properties --files example-tables/se-yiddish.txt
Reading allcodepoints.txt
Reading Scripts.txt
# Properties
  PVALID: 45

# Scripts
  Common: 11
  Hebrew: 34

A complete extended table with the derived and script properties can be output using the --reportDir file option.

Testing based on

All testing is done based on Unicode 6.2 and IDNA2008.

The table codepoints.txt was generated with the ruby program createtables found here: (Thanks to Patrik Fältström)

The Unicode source files can be found here:

The Unicode Script file can be found here:

/ Patrik Wallström,

Thanks for support:
Cary Karp
Patrik Fältström
John Colosi