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DNSCheck from IIS and Zonecheck from AFNIC are two different software packages that do DNS validation of the quality of a DNS delegation. AFNIC and IIS decided to develop a new DNS validation tool from the scratch under the name "Zonemaster".

The Zonemaster implementation intends to be a major rewrite of the existing DNS validation tools developed by AFNIC (Zonecheck) and IIS (DNSCheck), and implement the best parts of both.


The components developed as part of the Zonemaster project will help different types of users to check domain servers for configuration errors and generate a report that will enable to fix the errors.

The ambition of the Zonemaster project is to develop and maintain an open source DNS validation tool, offering better performance than the existing tools and provide extensive documentation which could be re-used by similar projects in the future.


The repository you are looking at is the main project repository. In this repository, documentation regarding the design, requirements and specifications for the zonemaster implementation are available.

Also, in this repository, you can find a brief user guide.


Zonemaster comes with documentation for and has been tested with these technologies:

Supported processor architectures:

  • x86_64 / amd64

Supported operating system versions:

  • CentOS 7
  • Debian 7.11
  • Debian 8.6
  • FreeBSD 10.1
  • FreeBSD 10.3
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04

Supported database engine versions:

  • MySQL 5.5, 5.7
  • PostgreSQL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5

Supported Perl versions:

  • Perl 5.14, 5.16, 5.18, 5.20, 5.22


Zonemaster comes with localization for these locales:

  • en.UTF-8
  • fr.UTF-8
  • sv.UTF-8


The Zonemaster project has four different repositories. All the software for the Zonemaster project lies in these four repositories. The software has not yet been packaged for any operating systems, and you have to install most of it from the source code.

In order to install and run the different components, have a look at the installation documentation under each of the repositories below:


Go to the release list of this repository to find the latest version of Zonemaster and the versions of the specific components. Be sure to read the release note of each component before installing or upgrading.


The core development team are people from IIS and Afnic. However, you can submit code by forking this repository and create pull requests.

You can follow the project in these two mailinglists:

### Contact or Bug reporting

For any contacts or bug reporting, please send a mail to "".