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Dots Mesh Web App

This is the code for the UI of the platform. There is an officially hosted version on, and you can also easily install it on your server.

What is Dots Mesh?

Dots Mesh is a different kind of social platform. It's open and distributed by design. You can self-host your public social profile the same way you can self-host your website and email. There are two types of profiles (public and private), private messaging and secret groups. Learn more at

Take a look

Some screenshots from the big screen version of the app:

Your public profile

The Dots Mesh web app

A public post

The Dots Mesh web app

A list of all the posts by the profiles you follow

The Dots Mesh web app

A secret group

The Dots Mesh web app

Private messages

The Dots Mesh web app

Learn more about all the features at

Take a look at a live profile at

Try it yourself

Just found out about Dots Mesh? Do you know that you can join the platform with a free private profile that lives on your device? Get started at

How to install

The Dots Mesh installer is the recommended way to create your own host and join the platform. It will guide you through all the requirements and will install everything needed. There is an auto-update option, so you'll always use the latest stable version of the software.

The Dots Mesh Installer

Custom installation


  • A web server (Apache, NGINX, etc.)
  • PHP 7.2+
  • SSL/TLS certificate

Get the code

You can download the latest release as a PHAR file and run the web app this way. Create the index.php with the following content:


require 'dotsmesh-web-app-x.x.x.phar';

There is a ZIP file option too. Just extract the content to a directory and point the index.php file to it.


require 'dotsmesh-web-app-x.x.x/app/index.php';


The Dots Mesh Web App is licensed under the GPL v3 license. See the license file for more information.


The Dots Mesh platform is a community effort. Feel free to join and help us build a truly open social platform for everyone.


This is the source code of the Dots Mesh web app. It's officially hosted on, and also available on your own hosts.