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This plugin is currently in beta. You can download it and play with it as much as you want. We are very active with updates so make sure to watch out for new versions of the plugin.

dotstudioPRO Premium Video Wordpress Plugin

dotstudioPRO is a video monetization CMS used to manage, deploy, and monetize streaming video on devices like Apple TV, Roku, Mobile, Facebook and browsers.

This plugin extends dotstudioPRO functionality into Wordpress turning it into a Netflix or Hulu style website.

Latest version MIT Wordpress 4.2 Wordpress 4.1 Wordpress 4.0 Wordpress 3.9 Wordpress 3.8 PHP >= 5.3

<iframe style="position: absolute;top:0;left: 0;width: 100%;height: 100%;" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>


  1. Create a dotstudioPRO account
  2. Once logged in, go to the User Account section and get your API key
  3. Install dotstudioPRO Wordpress Plugin from your Wordpress dashboard or unzip the plugin archive in the wp-content/plugins directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in Wordpress
  5. Go to the dotstudioPRO left menu configuration page and fill in your API key
  6. Go to Appearance->Menu and use the autocreated menu as you wish
  7. To customize you can copy the plugin templates into your active Wordpress Template
  8. Click the "Flush" button to reseed the data


All Categories

This template displays all your dotstudioPRO categories as thumbnails in a two column grid. You can customize this template by copying the file called ds-all-categories.tpl.php into your active theme.

Single Category

This template displays all your dotstudioPRO channels within a specific category as an expanding grid. You can customize this template by copying the file called ds-single-category.tpl.php into your active theme.

Single Channels with or without Sidebar

This template displays a dotstudioPRO channel.

Other Settings

Once the plugin is installed a new tab will appears in Wordpress admin panel. Other settings include.

  1. Facebook ID activates facebook sharing and meta values. It also enables you curate comments
  2. Single Channel Template gives you a choice between a single channel page with or without including your sidebar.
  3. Theme gives a choice between a dark and light theme.

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