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import{Config, Settings, PathResolver}
case class TestFailed(msg: String) extends Exception(msg)
class CollectProblemsTest {
def runTest(testClasspath: Array[String])(testName: String, oldJarPath: String, newJarPath: String, oraclePath: String) {
// load test setup
Config.setup("scala <old-dir> <new-dir>", Array(oldJarPath, newJarPath))
val cp = testClasspath ++ ClassPath.split(Config.baseClassPath.asClasspathString)
val cpString = ClassPath.join(cp: _*)
Config.baseClassPath = new JavaClassPath(ClassPath.DefaultJavaContext.classesInPath(cpString).toIndexedSeq, ClassPath.DefaultJavaContext)
val mima = new MiMaLib(Config.baseClassPath)
// SUT
val problems = mima.collectProblems(oldJarPath, newJarPath).map(_.description)
// load oracle
var expectedProblems = Source.fromFile(oraclePath).getLines.toList
// diff between the oracle and the collected problems
val unexpectedProblems = problems -- expectedProblems
val unreportedProblems = expectedProblems -- problems
val mess = buildErrorMessage(unexpectedProblems, unreportedProblems)
if (!mess.isEmpty)
throw new TestFailed(testName + "' failed.\n" + mess)
private def buildErrorMessage(unexpectedProblems: List[String], unreportedProblems: List[String]): String = {
val mess = new StringBuilder
if (!unexpectedProblems.isEmpty)
mess ++= "\tThe following problems were not expected\n" + unexpectedProblems.mkString("\t- ", "\n\t- ", "")
if (!mess.isEmpty) mess ++= "\n\n"
if (!unreportedProblems.isEmpty)
mess ++= "\tThe following expected problems were not reported\n" + unreportedProblems.mkString("\t- ", "\n\t- ", "\n")
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