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Updated README

* Added link to the Mailing list.
* Removed paragraph about Eclipse launch configurator (because the file has been deleted already)
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Migration Manager for Scala
-A tool for diagnosing and fixing migration problems for Scala libraries.
+A tool for diagnosing and fixing migration problems for Scala libraries
The Migration Manager for Scala (MiMa in short) is a tool for diagnosing and fixing binary incompatibilities for Scala libraries. The OSS version includes only
features which allow inspecting binary compatibility.
+The mailing list is at Please use it for questions and comments!
MiMa's Modules
@@ -63,8 +66,6 @@ Eclipse
In order to create Eclipse metadata files (i.e., .classpath and .project) we recomend to use [sbteclipse][sbteclipse]. Once done, to set up the three modules in Eclipse just click on `File > Import > General > Exisiting Projects Into Workspace`, and select the MiMa project's root folder, the three modules should be correctly loaded.
-In the `reporter-ui` folders you can also find a `*.launch` file configuration, which can be imported in Eclipse and can be used to start the programs.

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