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Remove mod_chm

This has been superseded by archmage -p serving a directory of files
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@@ -1,3 +1,13 @@
arCHMage X.Y
New features:
* archmage -p can now serve a whole directory with .chm files
* mod_chm was removed. Use archmage -p and proxy requests from Apache.
arCHMage 0.3.1
Bug fixes:
@@ -33,21 +33,16 @@ This feature requires `htmldoc(1)`, and `lynx(1)` or `elinks(1)` installed.
Serve CHM contents over HTTP
archmage -p <port> <chmfile|unpacked chm dir>
archmage -p <port> <chmfile|dir with chm files>
Serve CHM contents from Apache
Add those lines to your `httpd.conf` and restart Apache:
AddHandler python-program .chm
PythonHandler archmod.mod_chm
TODO: document how to proxy Apache to running `archmage -p`.
Then `http://youserver/sample.chm` will serve raw CHM file, and
`http://yourserver/sample.chm/` will serve unpacked CHM file view.
This feature requires `mod_python`.
@@ -63,8 +58,6 @@ Optional dependencies:
(Debian/Ubuntu: `htmldoc`)
* Lynx or ELinks - converting to plain text
(Debian/Ubuntu: `lynx`)
* mod_python - Apache module
(Debian/Ubuntu: `libapache2-mod-python`)
Use the regular `` stanza:
@@ -50,17 +50,7 @@ specified port:
archmage \-p <port> <chmfile>
3) Tune your apache to publish chm file contents if there is trailing
slash in request to that file (you will need working mod_python for
Add that lines to your httpd.conf:
AddHandler python-program .chm
PythonHandler archmod.mod_chm
Restart apache.
3) TODO: document how to proxy Apache to running `archmage -p`.
Let's suppose, you have file sample.chm in DocumentRoot of your
apache. After that tuning you can receive raw chm file, if you point
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@
-p number
Acts as HTTP server on specified port number, so you can read
CHM file with your favorite browser. You can specify a directory
with decompressed content.
CHM file with your favorite browser. You can specify a single file
or a directory with .chm files to be served as an argument.
-d / --dump
Dump HTML data from CHM file into standard output.

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