Tiny C webserver with resource adaption features
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grocery Build Status

Tiny C webserver with resource adaption features.

Grocery serving me and Enea


To execute grocery you need:

  • A Linux kernel
  • GLibC or similar (muslc is fine, for Void/Alpine users)
  • The ImageMagick suite

If you want compile grocery from its source code, you only need make and gcc. Of course if you want to build a grocery container from scratch you need Docker.

Running grocery on Docker

It's dead simple. You just need to run the container mounting a directory as the www volume. Let's say you have a files folder in your current working directory:

$ sudo docker run -d -P -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/files:/grocery/www dottorblaster/grocery

Development testing on Docker

All you need is in Makefile. After building the test image with make build_docker_test, you can run that with make docker_test. Then, you can restart the container to reflect code changes as the image rebuilds the whole application as the entry point.

Running locally (on Linux)

If you got all your dependencies ready, just build the webserver and run it:

$ make

$ ./grocery 8080 

Grocery will be listening on localhost:8080.

Directories and permissions

You need:

  • A www directory in your cwd as grocery will attempt to read files from that
  • An empty cache directory in the cwd, as grocery will use it as a persistency layer for the caching logic.