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PHP Framework Interoperability Group

Proposing a Standards Recommendation

To propose a standards recommendation (PSR):

  • fork this repo, create a branch, checkout that branch, add the PSR in proposed/, push the branch to Github, and send a pull request; or,

  • create a ticket to start a discussion on Github; or,

  • start a conversation on the mailing list.

Requesting Membership

You do not need to be a voting member to participate in discussion on the mailing list.

To become a voting member, you must send an email to the mailing list.

  • The subject line should read: Membership Request: {$your_name} ({$project_name})

  • The body should include your name, the name of (and link to) the project you represent, and other details you feel are relevant.

Current members will vote on your request.

Do not combine separate membership requests in a single thread; one request per thread, please.

Voting Members

  1. Nate Abele: Lithium

  2. Nils Adermann: phpBB

  3. Brett Bieber: PEAR, PEAR2

  4. Guilherme Blanco: Doctrine, Doctrine2, et al.

  5. Jordi Boggiano: Composer, Packagist

  6. Karma Dordrak: Zikula

  7. Paul Dragoonis: PPI, PPI2

  8. William Durand: Propel, Propel 2

  9. Andrew Eddie: Joomla

  10. Cal Evans: the community at large

  11. Larry Garfield: Drupal

  12. Ivan Habunek: Apache log4php

  13. Paul M. Jones: Solar Framework, Aura Project

  14. Robert Lemke: TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 Neos

  15. Larry Masters: CakePHP, CakePHP 2

  16. John Mertic: SugarCRM

  17. Ryan Parman: Amazon Web Services SDK

  18. Evert Pot: SabreDAV

  19. Fabien Potencier: Symfony, Symfony2

  20. Andre Romcke: eZ Publish

  21. Paul Scott: Chisimba, C4

  22. Phil Sturgeon: PyroCMS

  23. Lukas Smith: Jackalope

  24. Kris Wallsmith: Assetic, Buzz

  25. Mike van Riel: phpDocumentor

  26. Matthew Weier O'Phinney: Zend Framework, Zend Framework 2

  27. David Zülke: Agavi


Russian translate of Standards either proposed or approved by the Framework Interop Group



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