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import os.path, re, sys
import time
from random import shuffle
from cmemcached import Client # set_raw/get_raw/get_last_error only supported in python-libmemcached
def fnv1a(s):
prime = 0x01000193
h = 0x811c9dc5
for c in s:
h ^= ord(c)
h = (h * prime) & 0xffffffff
return h
class MCStore(object):
def __init__(self, server):
self.server = server = Client([server], do_split=0)
def __del__(self):
def __repr__(self):
return '<MCStore(server=%s)>' % repr(self.server)
def __str__(self):
return self.server
def set(self, key, data, rev=0):
return bool(, data, rev))
def set_raw(self, key, data, rev=0, flag=0): # interface for sync data
if rev < 0:
raise str(rev)
return, data, rev, flag)
def get(self, key):
r =
if r is None and != 0:
raise IOError(
return r
except ValueError:
def get_raw(self, key):
r, flag =
if r is None and != 0:
raise IOError(,
return r, flag
def get_multi(self, keys):
def delete(self, key):
return bool(
def close(self):
if is not None: = None
class WriteFailedError(Exception):
def __init__(self, key):
self.key = key
def __repr__(self):
return 'write %s failed' % self.key
class Beansdb(object):
hash_space = 1<<32
cached = True
def __init__(self, servers, buckets_count=16, N=3, W=1, R=1):
self.buckets_count = buckets_count
self.bucket_size = self.hash_space / buckets_count
self.servers = {}
self.server_buckets = {}
self.buckets = [[] for i in range(buckets_count)]
for s,bs in servers.items():
server = MCStore(s)
self.servers[s] = server
self.server_buckets[s] = bs
for b in bs:
for b in range(self.buckets_count):
self.buckets[b].sort(key=lambda x:fnv1a("%d:%s:%d"%(b,x,b)))
self.N = N
self.W = W
self.R = R
def print_buckets(self):
for i,ss in enumerate(self.buckets):
print i,','.join(str(s) for s in ss)
for s,bs in self.server_buckets.items():
print s,len(bs)
def _get_servers(self, key):
hash = fnv1a(key)
b = hash / self.bucket_size
return self.buckets[b]
def get(self, key):
ss = self._get_servers(key)
for i,s in enumerate(ss):
r = s.get(key)
if r is not None:
# self heal
for k in range(i):
ss[k].set(key, r)
return r
def get_multi(self, keys):
rs = {}
ss = self.servers.values()
for s in ss:
rs.update(s.get_multi([k for k in keys if k not in rs and s in self._get_servers(k)]))
return rs
def delete(self, key):
rs = [s.delete(key) for s in self._get_servers(key)]
return rs.count(True) >= self.W
def set(self, key, value):
rs = [s.set(key, value) for s in self._get_servers(key)]
if not rs.count(True) >= self.W:
# try to get, it will return False when set same content into db
if self.get(key) != value:
raise WriteFailedError(key)
return True
"localhost:7901": range(16),
"localhost:7902": range(16),
"localhost:7903": range(16),
db = Beansdb(BEANSDBCFG, 16)
def _test():
u = "/test"
data = "teatdata" * 100
assert db.set(u, data)
#assert db.exists(u)
assert db.get(u) == data
assert db.get_multi([u]) == {u:data}
assert db.delete(u)
assert db.get(u) is None
if __name__ == '__main__':