XMPP Based Orchestrator
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What is Archipel ?

Archipel is an Open Source project that aims to bring push notifications to virtualization orchestration using XMPP.

Archipel relies on open source technologies like python, ejabberd, cappuccino, strophe, nginx, libvirt, KVM and even more. All of these technologies are mixed together to create a real time orchestration solution for virtualization.

Thanks to Archipel you are be able to :

  • Visualize in real time the states of virtual machines and hypervisors ;
  • Send real time commands to them ;
  • Communicate inside the orchestrator with other human users ;
  • Organize virtual machines and hypervisors into groups and send commands to them ;
  • Connect distant datacenters in a secure way using XMPP S2S communication ;
  • Even use Archipel with XMPP client like GMail in order to receive your VMs notifications ;
  • Avoid the presence of SPOF. If a something fails, everything else still works ;
  • Use it with KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, VirtualBox, and mix them all if you want to ;
  • Have a great real time interface.
  • And so much more to come!

Get help


The complete installation procedure can be found at https://github.com/primalmotion/archipel/wiki. If you find some errors, please feel free to correct them.


  • Antoine Mercadal (primalmotion) : Lead developer

  • Franck Villaume (nerville) : contributor

  • Alexandre Fernandez (crashtest) : contributor

  • Ben Langfeld (benlangfedl) : StropheCappuccino contributor

  • David Weber (david-weber) : contributor

  • Anonymous (npmap) : contributor


  • Alexandre Fernadez (crashtext) : main website hosting


Archipel is distributed under AGPL v3. See the LICENSE file