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The Vim Configuration of Champions

See dot_vim's Stats on GitEgo


  1. git clone in your home folder.
  2. mv dot_vim .vim
  3. cd .vim
  4. rake vim:link to make the .vimrc symbolic link.
  5. Install Vundle with git clone bundle/vundle
  6. Run Vim and type :BundleInstall to install the plugins with Vundle.
  7. Enjoy enhanced productivity, increased levitation, reduced watermelon-related accidents, and startling sex appeal.


MacVim / Windows gVim

MacVim Windows gVim





Be sure to always edit the vimrc using ,v, which opens the vimrc in the .vim folder. Vim has a nasty habit of overriding symlinks.

Plugin Installation / Requirements

I may make this more verbose later, but for now, here's a list of plugins that require further installation:

  • Command-T Needs compilation
  • Fugitive Requires Git to be installed
  • syntastic Requires many different binaries installed depending on what filetypes you want it to check
  • ack.vim Requires ack to be installed

Plugin List

Note: Auto generated by rake plugins:update_readme

That's 50 plugins, holy crap.