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Vagrant/Chef files for a LAMP server


  1. Install vagrant

    gem install vagrant
  2. Download and Install VirtualBox
  3. Download a vagrant box (name of the box is supposed to be lucid32)

    vagrant box add lucid32
  4. Clone this repo
  5. Go to the repo and launch the box

    cd [repo]
    vagrant init
    vagrant up
  6. Add this line to your /etc/hosts (or windows equivalent)

That's it, the file in [repo]/public/ are served here :

You can add XDEBUG_PROFILE to your GET parameter to generate an xdebug trace, e.g.

You can then investigate at http://localhost:8080/webgrind/

Phpmyadmin is available http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/. User myadmin, Password myadmin

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