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Grails plugin for ziplet JEE stream compression
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Grails plugin for ziplet JEE stream compression. The ziplet filter compresses output to improve client performance and reduce network bandwidth. This is very similar to the Compress Plugin that is deprecated.

To use this plugin add the following to your BuildConfig.groovy in the "plugins" closure:

compile ":ziplet:0.5"

This plugin is normally used without configuration, the defaults are intended to be sufficient for most production applications. The configuration influences the ziplet filter, see the ziplet documentation for information on the configuration.

The supported options follow:

// just in case for some reason you want to disable the filter
grails.ziplet.enabled = true
grails.ziplet.debug = false
grails.ziplet.compressionThreshold = 1024
// filter's url-patterns, replaces the defaults
grails.ziplet.urlPatterns = ["/*"]
// include and exclude are mutually exclusive
grails.ziplet.includePathPatterns = []
grails.ziplet.excludePathPatterns = [".*\\.gif", ".*\\.ico", ".*\\.jpg", ".*\\.swf"] // adds to the defaults
// include and exclude are mutually exclusive
grails.ziplet.includeContentTypes = []
grails.ziplet.excludeContentTypes = ["image/png","image/gif","image/png","image/tiff"] // adds to the defaults
// include and exclude are mutually exclusive, replaces the defaults
grails.ziplet.includeUserAgentPatterns = []
grails.ziplet.excludeUserAgentPatterns = [".*MSIE 4.*"]
// replaces the defaults
grails.ziplet.noVaryHeaderPatterns = []

The default configuration follows. Missing values use the default from the ziplet filter, i.e. the parameter is not included in web.xml.

grails.ziplet.urlPatterns = ["/*"]
grails.ziplet.excludePathPatterns = [".*/assets/.*"]
grails.ziplet.excludeContentTypes = ["image/png", "image/gif", "image/png", "image/tiff"] 

The assets path is excluded because it will call HttpServletResponse.getOutputStream() and HttpServletResponse.getWriter() in the same request, which is not allowed, see ServletResponse. If you find other incompatible plugins please send a pull request or submit an issue with the additional excluded path.


  • 0.5
    • Fix #2 getOutputStream() failure on multiple calls by moving filter to top of chain. Thanks to ryancornia.
    • Upgrade build to Grails 2.5.0, plugin is still compatible with Grails 2.0.0 and higher.
  • 0.4 - Grails expects ‘respond’ in controllers to mark the response as committed. The CompressingFilter only marks the response as committed after a threshold of output is received and output. This commit works around that behavior.
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