ATS language wrapper for jansson JSON parsing library
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This is a ATS wrapper for the jansson JSON parsing library. You can read my post about some of the implementation decisions here.

2013-07-21: Note that the latest version of ATS includes a wrapper for Jansson in the 'contrib' directory. At some point I'll migrate my Jansson using libraries to that and deprecate this library.

The library is best used by cloning from under a parent directory that is used to store ATS libraries. This directory can then be passed to the 'atscc' command line using the '-I' and '-IATS' options to be added to the include path. In the examples below this directory is $ATSCCLIB.

$ git clone git:// jansson
$ cd jansson
$ make
$ cd TEST
$ make

Note that the makefile for the TESTS will build and delete the tests. If they fail to build - the test failed. To actually build the executable to run you can specify the test on the make command line:

$ cd $ATSCCLIB/jansson
$ make test01
$ make test02

Comments and suggestions for the wrapper can be made to the author:

Chris Double