Tools to convert wikipedia dumps for insert into Freenet
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This is a set of tools to convert a ZIM archive containing a Wikipedia dump into a format that can be inserted into Freenet.

Requires extract_zim from zim and a Kiwix ZIM archive.


$ wget
$ extract_zim wikipedia_pih_all.zim
$ ./
$ ./ result my-mirror index.html

At completion of the insert this will output a list of keys. the uri key is the one that can be shared for others to retrieve the insert. The uskinsert key can be used to insert an updated version of the site:

$ ./ result my-mirror index.html <uskinsert key>

The script was a quick 'proof of concept' hack and could be improved in many ways. I welcome patches and better ways of doing things.

More information available in my blog post about mirroring wikipedia.