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# Sun-$Revision: 30.2 $
# Copyright 1994-2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University.
# See the LICENSE file for license information.
# Root Makefile
# You should set the SELF_BASELINE_DIR environment variable to the
# root directory of the self baseline, say ~self.
# You may want to set the SELF_WORKING_DIR environment variable to the
# root directory of your local working tree, say ~/self.
# Finally, your path should include
# {$SELF_WORKING_DIR,$SELF_BASELINE_DIR}/bin/{shell,`arch`}
# before using make.
# The make files require GNU make -- Sun's make won't run them. If
# GNU make is installed as gmake (or under any other name), change the
# line below accordingly.
MAKE = gmake
ROOT = .
FILES = Makefile todo
DIRECTORIES = templates objects vm doc ftpinfo bin
include ${ROOT}/templates/sources.make
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